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      Study of Sitting

      How to define a good chair? Experts from Sihoo Research Institute believe that it is necessary to first understand the idea of sitting posture
      • 1.THE TEXT
      • 2.THE SMART LEAN
      • 3.THE DRAW
      • 4.THE COCOOH
      • 5.THE SIWPE
      • 7.THE TRANCE
      • 8.THE TAKE IT IN

      Sitting Posture and Chair

      Sitting posture is a natural posture of the human body It can relieve muscle fatigue, reduce energy consumption of the human body, and help operators to perform various delicate movements in a stable fashion However, sitting for a long time will cause h
      • 1A good chair may distribute gravity in a reasonable manner and relax muscles of sitters.
      • 2The thighs are approximately horizontal, and the two legs touch the ground naturally.
      • 3The human body is stable during operation.
      • 4Change posture conveniently.