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      Sihoo profile

      With the aim of becoming the world’s most professional engineering furniture provider, Sihoo provides furniture designed with advanced intelligent engineering concepts for the Study, work and entertainment of users. Its products include engineering chairs, intelligent desks, children’s Study desks and chairs, game cabins, elderly chairs, etc. To offer users with high-quality products and wonderful experiences, we have set up a leading Sihoo Institute of Engineering and built a whole industrial chain system integrating design, manufacturing, marketing, quality testing, storage, transportation and installation.
      After years of efforts and development, Sihoo has now become a brand of professional engineering furniture in China and is favored by the majority of users. 

      Brand history
      • 2011
        Sihoo was founded and Shenzhen Marketing Center was established to seek development in the Pearl River Delta and to serve the whole country.
      • 2012
        The first Sihoo Engineering Exploration Hall in Shenzhen was officially opened and national O2O interactive marketing strategy was launched.
      • 2013
        Sihoo’s sales exceeded one hundred million yuan, and the number of service personnel exceeded 500.
      • 2014
        Goods were delivered from warehouses in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Beijing simultaneously, marking the first step of efficient nationwide warehousing and distribution.
      • 2015
        The First Sihoo Cup “Good Chairs of China” Creative Design Competition was successfully held.
      • 2016
        The Second Sihoo Cup Best Think was successfully held.
      • 2017
        The First Engineering Summit Forum was successfully held, and movie star Sha Yi was invited to the occasion. Also, it was proposed that the Global Healthy Sitting Day was set on May 21 every year.
      • 2018
        Sihoo cooperated with SAEA to initiate a seminar on standards of Study tables and chairs for children.
      • 2019
        Sihoo cooperated with Shenzhen Association of Ergonomics Application (SAEA) to set up Sihoo Institute of Engineering, issued the White Paper on Sedentary Behavior in Chinese Workplace and engaged Yan Yikuan as the Brand Ambassador.
      Ergonomic study
      To better apply the concept of engineering to chairs, for many years, Sihoo has conducted research and creation on sitting posture, pressure and other factors in an in-depth manner with the aim of striking a balance between chairs and people.
      Sitting posture is closely related to health.
      will present an S shape, which can avoid uneven compression of intervertebral disc. However, in many cases, people will unconsciously lean forward to relieve their muscle fatigue, which will increase internal pressure of intervertebral disc, thus causing lumbar spinal strain over time.
      Taking medical research as design reference
      According to medical research, different sitting posture will have different stress on the spine, and lumbar problems are brought about by wrong sitting postures. As a venerable part, lumbar is a key concern for Sihoo designers.

      Quality guarantee
      After more than ten tests, hundreds of thousands of tests, only to give customers a trustworthy chair.
      • backward test

      • Armrest Durability Test

      • Pneumatic rod test

      • Chair foot test

      • Strength test

      • Structure test

      • Structural Strength Testing

      • Salt spray test

      Authoritative attestation
      Achievements and awards